Image credit: Rumo

Amidst the bustling noise

The calmness it soothingly provides

I stand firm on my feet

But the earth a bit unsteady

Flummoxed and mesmerized

I wonder “where am I?”


A sole traveller on his path

Explore this land he must

For it’s his thirst for knowledge

He must quench

Even if it meant, not tying up loose ends

While people hold on to a grudge


I gather myself not wanting to brood too long

Over all that I’ve left behind

For darkness seems to loom

And a chill runs down my spine


I take a careful step

Longing to continue from where I trailed off

Be one with the surrounding

Embrace the air with open arms

Only to realize, my feet relentlessly disagree


With all the courage I muster

I start taking long strides

To my surprise I move ahead

Farther away from the darkness that loomed

Into a room filled thick with clouds

That existed in my head


But just when I’m about to give up

I know what this is

It’s the dark clouds my head created

Where lurks more darkness,

Oh, there most certainly is

I take a step back, to steady myself,

Before I go spiralling down


To my surprise I get hold of an anchor

As a hint of a smile creeps up my face

I swivel through the clouds

Taking bits of each with me

For I know they’ll always remain in me


Each one taking more than I can give

Each wanting a piece of my flesh

With every piece, a scar they trace

Fresh into my skin, they say “it’s for keepsakes”

The pain I bear, with closed eyes and a clenched fist,

Till my toes curl


Finally wry my eye lids open

Lo and behold, what do I see?

A vast space of emptiness like no man’s land

But there is a distant chirping and I feel the breeze

A mist so cool waiting to quench, the traveller’s thirst.

~ Anonymous

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