My rainbow moments

speaking tree

Sometimes on a rainy day, as you look through the showers you see a beautiful rainbow. You wonder at this play of nature.

Does it not signify hope and a new beginning?  It dawns on us that just as the sun is essential to life, so is the rain. Both come together to play and form the colors of the rainbow.

Life is also a play of sad and happy moments. Days when you feel terribly down and blue and yet as these clouds of strong emotions pass away to a brighter and happier day, do we not value the lesson it taught us? Isn’t that not our rainbow moment?

Do I hold on to the rainbow? Do I hold on to the happy days? Neither can I hold on to sadness nor happiness.  The more I hold on to it, the more misery will I suffer. Let them keep playing and I keep having my rainbow moments.

Life symbolizes the colours of the rainbow with all its hues and shades.  Can you name any particular color which isn’t beautiful in a rainbow? Do they not all shine forth together to create magic in the skies?

Man can definitely take cues from the rainbow. Holding on to pain, sorrow, happiness or sadness can get us nowhere. If we combine all of life’s elements together we can definitely have our rainbow moments.

As in the words of Hannah Montana, “Life’s what you make of it!”

~ Reena Nair

(A psychotherapist, teacher, an avid learner helping people find themselves in a jungle called the world.)

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