Coloured Joy

The most exciting feeling is the sudden appearance of a rainbow in the sky. I personally connect watching a rainbow to viewing flashbacks of my life. All of a sudden you recall the times spent since childhood, growing up with your school mates, playing in the rain and longing to see a glimpse of the rainbow. It is a purely magical moment to see the rainbow, which brings about a broad smile on my face.
I see the rainbow as an individual’s life that is filled with colours where we shared all our joys and sorrows with our loved ones, friends, family, teachers and guides. The colours of the rainbow to me are the different feelings and emotions that one experiences; some of love, compassion, peace, happiness, sorrow, rage, and so on.

One of my most joyous moments of my life, was to sit with a cup of hot chocolate on the balcony, with my childhood friends to keep me company; while we giggled our sides watching the rainfall and just anxiously waiting to see the rainbow pose in the sky for a couple of minutes which would bring about a thrill on our faces.

Daniel Ingold

Image Credit: Daniel Ingold

Just like a rainbow which comes and goes and brings about a beautiful smile on our face, even memories come and pass by and leave a blissful smile on my face.

The arch and the colours of the rainbow remind me of the highs and lows of life that teaches, unites and enables us to carry-on with our journey. I hope that the amalgamation of the colours of the rainbow fills our life with the very best, that every individual needs at every point and time in their life.

~ Linaz Soonawalla

(Linaz is currently working as a consultant clinical psychologist. She has a desire to serve mankind and loves working with children.)

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