The colourful bond

A rainbow is a promise of sunshine after rain, of calm after a storm, of joy after sadness, of peace after pain, and of love after loss. Rainbows give me a sense of hope and strength as they appear after a storm. Whenever I see a rainbow the first thing I do is smile, as it brings a certain feeling of happiness in me along with it some excitement. When I was growing up I was extremely fascinated by rainbows. Every mention of a rainbow would make me speed (like I was flying) out of my house to see it.

Rainbows seem very magical and they often leave me awe struck. After seeing a rainbow, I would be extra chirpy and happy all day, as rainbows never failed to brighten up my day. So now when I think of rainbows it makes me believe that even though people are going through difficult times there will be a day when they will be happy and at peace.

Rainbows also remind me of friendship, as they are bright and full of colors. Just like a rainbow there is no end in sight when you’re with your friends. Spending time with friends brings out that same happiness, excitement and childlike behavior. I have been fortunate enough to have formed lasting friendships with few people from school and college too.

Scott Griesel

Image Credit : Scott Griessel

Every moment I spent with them I felt a sense of happiness and excitement and I momentarily forgot the world around me. It would feel like I am in a fairy tale where nothing could go wrong and even if it did I know my friends would help me through it and they would be the colourful, radiant and magical rainbow in my life.

The moment I think of my friends, I start smiling from ear to ear and that’s the same reaction I have when I spot a rainbow.

~ Danielle Fernandes

(Danielle is a clinical psychologist working for Reach Out to Life. She loves food, travel, music and living life queen size. A quiet demeanor from the outside but is a bubbling bundle of joy from within.)

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