Rainbow Wedding

Rainbows and butterflies are few of the things that girls like. The times when our elders told us stories that there would be pots of gold at the end of a rainbow or when they said that it was a good omen were some of the stories that I found fascinating.

In school, we learnt the acronym VIBGYOR and we sang it in tune each time and imagined the colours. Well, this phase where I was fascinated by the stories told to me by my elders and those school memories lasted for a bit. As I grew up they faded away with time. I have a friend whom I had met a few years ago. She had mentioned to me that she was still fascinated by rainbows. They say never give up on your dream and I believe that she lived by hers.

Picture a wedding; on a cold winter’s night towards the end of December, with seven best men and bridesmaids all dressed to the theme of the rainbow colors, standing outside the church door to enter in a line. The church bells start ringing while the bride and bridegroom walk in together. Well, this is my friends dream and its coming true.


Image Credit : Laura Murray

This little girl who wished upon a star and who was fascinated by a  rainbow is fulfilling her dream and checking-off another dream on her wish list. This is what comes to mind when I think about ‘Rainbows’. It’s not just the beauty, the rainbow radiates; it also signifies hope as after a stormy weather.

-Rachael Mascarenhas

(Rachael has recently completed her masters in clinical psychology and is currently a special needs counselor. She is passionate about visiting new places and learning about different cultures.)

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